Monday, July 9, 2012

Minnie Mouse Birthday - Savannah Turns 2!

In part two of three...Savannah's second birthday!

With a trip to Disney under her belt, and a Minnie Mouse costume from Halloween, and a love for all things Minnie, we decided on a Minnie Mouse themed birthday. This party was probably one of the most time intensive when it came down to handmade crafts, but it turned out beautifully. Everyone had such a wonderful time, it was gorgeous (inside and out)...truly one of my favorites memories with my little Savannah!

Of course - homemade invites!

This is one of my very favorite images of the day...

All dressed up!

The main dining room...

Savannah's table of honor (and giant Minnie!).

Rockin' out her special table!

Photo display - We did photos of Savannah at one, then some that had pictures of Carl and to see who she looks like!

Gift table with a Minnie silhouette!

Birthday banner! It in insane how many circles and bows I cut out for this party!

Birthday cake - again homemade!

Birthday cupcakes! These was a lot easier than you may think...I just "glued" mini Oreos onto regular Oreos with melting choclate...then once cooled I dipped the entire top half of the "head" in melting chocolate. Before that cooled I put the little bows on. The trick for the bows? Print out a picture you like, place it under wax paper. Then, I melted pink melting chocolates in a ziplock baggie. Once fully melted, cut the tip of the bag off (just barely - you want a small hole!). Trace and fill the image onto the wax paper...then I sprinkled little white nonpareils to create polka dots!.

Lots of Mickey/Minnie foods and plates!

Perfect pasta for a pasta salad!

These cute little paper flowers were an awesome way to add a little Minnie flair without taking up much time.

Adorable and unique idea for a second birthday party favor!

Goodie bag contents!

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